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Speed reducers

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Badoni s.r.l. designs and realizes speed reducers (parallel shafts, right angle shafts, planetary) for big powers having the following technical characteristics:
case: made of steel plates welded together, with air breather, inspection doors and hooks for hoisting;
gears: pinions and wheels are made of nickel-chrome-molybdenum case-hardened alloy-steel or hardened and tempered steel, with profile finished as appropriate after heat treatment;
shafts: made of steel, hardened and tempered, if not designed as a unique piece with pinions;
bearings: all bearings are designed for extremely long running life, anti-friction type, top quality;
lubrication: by oil splash, forced lubrication whenever specified (highlighted areas);
rotation: both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations are always possible.


Our reducers are rated in accordance to AGMA standards. To select a reducer the following data must be known:
absorbed power of the driven machine;
rotating speed and specifications of the driving machine;
rotating speed and specifications of the driven machine;
duty cycle;
room temperature;
shaft arrangement.


All reducers are subjected to an operating test “on unload conditions” for the necessary time.
Upon request we submit a test certificate which, besides the operating feauters, includes the following:

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Bearing clearance;
Toothing clearances and contact %;
Noise and vibration level;
Temperature measurements;
Control of oil gaskets;
Control of oil pressure on reducers fitted with such equipment.


We usually submit certificates for chemical analysis and mechanical tests on materials (steel works).

Planetary gearbox load test – Torque 3600 kNm

Examples of gearboxes application in various sectors:

  • Steel works and metal working:
    Winders and coilers, wire rod mills, blanking machines and presses, continuously running conveyors without connections, roller bending machines for steel plates, pinch rolls, ingot pushers, rotary shears for plates, flat drawing machines (main drive).
  • Mixers:
    For variable density liquids, for liquids with suspended solids, for pure liquids.
  • Winches:
    For medium/heavy duty, for mine skips, for towing of cars, for towyng of barges.
  • Concrete mixers.
  • Calenders:
    For paper, rubber, plastics, fabrics.
  • Paper mills:
    Agitors, mixers, winders – reelers, drying cylinders, jordans, beaters, thickeners, washers, bleaching presses, couch presses – refiners, knife wheels – refiners, rolls and suction cylinders, drum barkers, hydraulic and mechanical barkers, felt shakers, super-calendars, felt stretchers, stocking chests, cutters – polishers, conveyors, log conveyors.
  • Assembly lines:
    With uniform loading and feeding, for heavy duty.
  • Compressors:
    Lobe type, reciprocating single-cylinder/multiple-cylinder, centrifugal.
  • Elevators:
    Bucket with uniform load, bucket for heavy duty, freight, passengers, lifts, escalators.
  • Rotary furnaces in general.
  • Rotary furnaces for cement kilns.
  • Crushers:
    For minerals or stones, for sugar mills.
  • Generators (excluding welding generators).
  • Rubber and plastics:
    Extruders, sheet rolling mills, laboratory equipment, mixers – refiners, breakers for vulcanized rubber.
  • Clay working machines:
    Mixers, clay working machines, mullers for foundry sand, presses for bricks and briquettes.
  • Rotary mills with bars, balls, stones.
  • Oil industry:
    Press – filters, rotary furnaces, coolers.
  • Pumps:
    With gears, lobes or blades, reciprocating single – acting with three or more cylinders, reciprocating double – acting with two or more cylinders, centrifugal, batching.
  • Rotary coolers.
  • Conveyors:
    Shaker – type, chain, screw, belt, plate, scraper, bucket, heavy duty.
  • Fans:
    Centrifugal or blade – type, lobe – type – large fans for mines, for industrial use.
  • Sugar mills:
    Crushers, mills, cane and beet cutters, presses.

Gearbox for sizing mill

Endproducts examples in the following sectors: cement industry, rubber/plastic industry, cableways, sugar industry >>




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