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Badoni S.r.l. designs, manufactures and installs speed increasers to be used in hydroelectric plants up to 7000 kW of produced power.

The model of the plants is extremely simple and essential, and is based on three main elements, which are: the turbine (kaplan or franci), the speed increaser and the alternator.

This kind of plants has several advantages, among which the very low environmental impact, the need of limited water jump (between 3 and 8 meters, depending on the reach and the power to be produced), the small size and the limited investment.
They can be installed everywhere and the produced energy can satisfy the needs of a range of 30 to 2000 home users.

In particular, Badoni speed increasers can be anufactures with parallel and right angle shafts and can operate on vertical, horizontal and inclined plane.

They can have the following features:

  • continuous working, 24 hours a day for 8000 hours a year in non-supervised hydroelectric plants;
  • maximum power output: between 100 kw to 7.000 kw;
  • efficiency > 98,5%;
  • sizing according to ANSI/AGMA or ISO/DIN rules;
  • speed increasers are designed with high service factors and aer able to cope with the high starting and shortcircuit torque;
  • the equipment can be installed in the open air too with environment temperature between -10° C and + 50° C: the can work in any weather condition;

35° inclined speed increaser for hydroelectric plant


Badoni speed increasers have the following manufacturing features:

  • Case made of steel plates welded together, sized to ensure a very high rigidity;
  • gears with helical toothing made of nickel-chrome-molybdenum case hardened alloy-steel, with profile finished as appropriate after heat treatment. This limits the creeping along the action line and, consequently, the loss of power during the start-up phase;
  • all bearings are designed for extremely long running life. The axial load generated by the turbine is supported by a swinging roller REGGISPINTA put inside the speed increaser (in particular cases anti-friction type)
  • gear and bearins lubrication is ensured by a oil pump mechanically connected to an increaser shaft;
  • the lubrication equipment permits a full monitoring of the machine and is equipped of all the necessary instruments to control the lubricant load and pressure. Normally it comes with a SCAMBIATORE DI CALORE air-oil or water-oil;
  • the slow shaft, if required, can be CAVO, to insert the drive to control the impeller blades;
  • multipliers can be installed in the open air with environmental temperatures between -10° C and +50° C. They work in any weather condition


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