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The worm screw jack is one of the most economical and efficient means for lifting, lowering, pushing and pulling loads.
It can be used singularly or in combination with either manual or automatic controls and can withstand heavy loads for an indefinite time without yielding in any way.
It is possible to link two or more screw jacks by shafts, couplings and bevel gear boxes so that the lifting and lowering operations of all the screw jacks are perfectly synchronized.
Even when loads are not evenly distributed, the screw jacks will ensure a perfectly synchronized movement of the load.
Mechanical worm screw jacks can be used for many different applications: steel mills, masking, loading platforms, conveyors and other equipment.
Our standard range of screw jacks has been studied to support a nominal load between 0,5 – 10 tons – SEL series – and 5 – 150 tons – KN series.
Our Technical Department is available to study special applications involving even heavier loads.


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Special screw jacks for the steel industry


  • Electric limit switch: the use of a limit switch is possible through the application of a stiff protection which is specially devised for this end. Two limit switch supports are provided which permit to control the maximum stroke of the screw jacks. The supports are designed to allow a adjustment
  • Back stop device: the back stop is guaranteed by a hardened key, inserted in the flange, which slides in a grooved hollowed out on the screw thread
  • Protection bellow: the elastic protection bellows can be applied on the entire range of screw jacks
  • Stop nut: to prevent the thread to slip out at maximum stroke of the screw jack, an iron disc is fixed on the thread itself
  • Antibacklash nut screw: the functioning is based on the nut and counter-nut principle. Clearance recovery is abtained by simply rotating the cover and by tightening the screws
  • Ball screw jack for high efficiency
  • Stainless steel screw thread
  • Security nut screw



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