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Badoni S.r.l. HD gear spindles are especially designed for those applications where driving and driven components are necessarily misaligned and where service dictates a changeable amount of misalignment.
Gear spindles more common application is for ferrous and non ferrous rolling mills drive, where technology is in continuous development to achieve a higher product quality with lower production and maintenance costs.
Gear spindles are critical components of the drive train and for this reason Badoni S.r.l., to meet the demands of the most up-date mill equipment, designed the HD series with ensure performances, operating efficiency, less and easier maintenance. All the above advantages have been realized by developing teeth profile, surface heat treatment, materials quality and seals.
To accommodate load and no load misalignment with minimum backlash is necessary to crown the flanks and the tips of the hub teeth.
To assure the largest contact area and the maximum number of teeth in contact for a given load and no load misalignment, flank and tip crown radius are made.
Spindles with fully crowned gear teeth offer operational benefits of a maximum load carryng capacity with a minimum size, maximum reliability and long life.
Materials used in the production of spindle gear elements include both medium carbon and forged alloy steels.
The material and heat treatment combinations commonly used for spindles applications are as follows:

  • Heat treated and nitrited alloy steel
  • Heat treated and nitrited alloy high-strenght steel
  • Heat treated and carburized alloy high-strenght steel

A vital aspect having a direct affect on spindles life and performances is the provision of full metal seals for efficient retention of the gear lubricant and for exclusion of external contaminates.
A key features in the HD series spindles is the provision of an all metallic lubricant seal which avoids the inherent deficiences (wear and failure) of perishable flexing materials.

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