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Speed reducers

Speed increasers

Equipments for the
cement industry

Cableways and Railways kinematics

Facilities, mechanics and kinematics for telescopic and telecommunication antennas


Winches and mechanics for
lifting plants and bridge cranes



Worm screw

Accessories and component for the steel industry

Third- party mechanical machining


Iron and steel industry

Cement industry

Petrol industry

Rubber industry


Sugar industry

Sea engines




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It’s really relevant the number of gearboxes produced by Badoni S.r.l. div. Costameccanica for mill stands for long and flat material, cable-winders with expansible mandrel for thin steel and steel sheets rolling, pinion stands assembled for roughing mill.
In Badoni S.r.l. div. Costameccanica the standard technology traditionally used for the production of this kind of gearboxes has been improved by using the most modern metallurgy made out of case hardened steel, the most modern systems for material machining and through continuous investments with the aim of optimizing the quality and the products.
Badoni S.r.l. currently supplies these important units for the most important Italian public and private own iron & steel companies, as well as for the most well known European, Chinese, Japanese and American corporations.

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Badoni S.r.l. div. Costameccanica designs and manufactures parallel and right angle speed increasers that work both orizontally, vertically and on an inclined plane in order to join an hydraulic turbine to the installed alternator in non-monitored hydroelectric plants and for power up to 5000 kW.
The main Italian and European hydroelectric plants suppliers are the biggest Badoni S.r.l. div. Costameccanica customers.

In the energy sector, Badoni is able to supply the following products and services: speed increasers and mini-hydro hydroelectric plants; flange, couplings, spare parts for turbines, mechanical equipments, mechanical maintenance for central plants, maintenance on eolic generators, turbines revision and revamping, mechanical engineering consulting.

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Badoni srl has a long experience in the production of essential components of the cement industry manufacturing process.

Whether you speak of planetary reducers or erducers for cement mill control, Badoni products are designed to offer a superior maintainability, which is an essential factor because cement mill control unit are difficult to repair and often pushed to the maximum of their power.

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Badoni S.r.l. div. Costameccanica reducers are installed in the many sugar-works in Europe for press drive.
Further, Costameccanica has cooperated with many manufacturer of this sector (particularly pulp presses makers) in order to enter the market of these machines and to install its products in central Europe, from France to Poland.
The sugar cane sector is more and more interested in the Costameccanica gears and gearboxes, thanks to some products already delivered and now working near the Indian Ocean costs.
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Badoni S.r.l. div. Costameccanica supplies gearboxes and transmission units for the most important Italian manufacturers of machines for the rubber and plastic sectors (gearboxes and couplings for calanders drives, mixers and extruders) which are exported all over the world, from China to South Africa, from Germany to the USA.
The users of Badoni S.r.l. div. Costameccanica gearboxes are, more precisely, the big multinational companies of the tire sector (Pirelli, Firestone, Michelin, etc.) and the chemical industry
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Badoni S.r.l. div. Costameccanica supplies gearboxes for the main units (with electrical engines) and for the auxiliary units (diesel) of drive pulleys for all the Italian cableways manufacturers and for the foreign manufacturers in the Alpine area (especially France and Switzerland).
The most modern and technically sophisticated results are represented by the plants with double pulley and mono-cable conveyor, called DMC, operating in La Thuile (Aosta) and Arabba (Bolzano) which have been entirely designed and made by Costameccanica, as well as the drive units for the powerful cableways in Aosta –Pila, realized with the cooperation of other companies operating in the same sector.
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Badoni S.r.l. div. Costameccanica is a regular supplier of the most important companies in the world, which manufacture big diameters satellite antennas (34mt) for telecommunication.
G earboxes and drive units made by Costameccanica are installed to control the elevation and the Azimuth drive of the big satellite parabolic antennas in the Californian deserts, in the Spanish “sierras”, in the Australian tablelands and on the Pacific Ocean volcanoes tops.
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This developing market concerns recycling, disposal, grinding and water purification plants. Badoni is able to supply all those equipments - reducers, toothed wheels, gears, couplings, flanges, spindles - needed for particular environmental conditions.

Big dimension and reliability mechanisms, able to transfer great powers even with low speed.






For years, Costameccanica has been produced gears for sea engines.
They are usually a series of three or four elements gears working simultaneously, allowing the engine crank shaft and camschaft movements.
These gears are produced in NiCrMo, hardened and tempered alloy steel.

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Badoni, both directly and through its Costameccanica division, has a long and strong tradition and experience in the lifting market.
Until the '90 both the companies were leaders in the design and manufacturing of steel-works cranes, cranes and dock unloaders: Badoni maintains all the projects and plans of these installations.
Today, the company manufactures reducers, for lifting and translation, winches and mechanics, cart assembly, mechanical carpentry.






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