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Revamping & Retrofitting



Speed reducers

Speed increasers

Equipments for the
cement industry

Cableways and Railways kinematics

Facilities, mechanics and kinematics for telescopic and telecommunication antennas


Winches and mechanics for
lifting plants and bridge cranes



Worm screw

Accessories and component for the steel industry

Third- party mechanical machining


Iron and steel industry

Cement industry

Petrol industry

Rubber industry


Sugar industry

Sea engines




Service &    revamping





Revamping & Retrofitting take advantage of the enormous technological progress made in recent years and are two ways to optimize operating cost-effectiveness.

The results are convincing and include: enhanced performance, better availability, longer service life, and the perfect opportunity to adapt your compressors, trains, systems and power plants to changing production conditions.

Our long-standing experience and monitoring current developments make us the ideal providers for this service. We have executed these types of sophisticated projects numerous times in the last several decades. Our experience coupled with sound project management enable us to achieve the shortest operational downtime for your production sector.

Reasons for retrofitting or revamping your machines are as manifold as the ways we can adapt your machines to your requirements. Take advantage of the opportunity to increase the value of your machines.

We perform all retrofitting and revamping work in accordance with state-of-the-art technology quality assurance procedures.

In the presses sector, normatives costantly evolve, expecially regarding security topics: thus, revamping involves mechanical and rules adequacy issues.

Benelli division is involved in the revamping and retrofitting activity for both Benelli and Emanuel presses.